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SK-II Omni-Channel Tablet Application

SK-II Omni-Channel Tablet Application

Skin Destiny Concierge is an in-store omni-channel tablet app for SK-II’s 1,800 Beauty Counsellors in retail stores. It not only supports Beauty Counsellor’s daily tasks, like checkout process, inventory management, scheduling appointments and customer outreach, but also helps customers on products browsing and skin consultation. Most importantly, the app captures and consolidates valuable user data from both online and offline. Therefore, Beauty Counsellor can provide a personalised brand services based on each customer shopping habits and needs.

The app was first launched in Japan, and then localised in China. In China, except the distinct needs of Chinese market, we also integrated and optimised it with SK-II WeChat Membership micro site, which offering a more personalised consultation and loyalty redemption program.

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WeChat Micro Membership Site